Smart Card Industry

Aryabhatta Solutions focus to deploy Smart Cards for a variety of applications in both financial and non-financial sectors. We provide Smart Card Development Services, Smart Card Consultancy and Smart Card Solutions.

Health Care Cards

Health care organizations are actively looking for ways to lower the administrative cost, increase security and make their information system easier to use. Smart Health Cards can be used to support HIPAA compliance, increase security, simplify system access and deliver new clinical and administrative benefits.

Aryabhatta solutions provide the patient health care card, which will contain a subset of the patient medical record and demographic information. When visiting doctor's office, emergency room or clinic, upon presentation of patient health care card, essential medical history on card of a patient allows the medical professionals to diagnose patient and be also used for health insurance. The card will maintain the clinical history such as blood pressure, pulse and medication. The card can also be customized to a key to access the medical history of the patient on the Internet or intranet.

Our health care solutions can also be customized to carry industry specific health care data and also periodical medical treatment and diagnosis. We focus on total health care solution using the smart card technology that links every individual with the health care resources and benefits. Some of our health care smart card solutions are Health Benefit Cards, Individual Health Card, Medical Aid Cards, and Employee ID Cards.

ID Cards

Aryabhatta Solutions plays an essential role in identification and information-tracking solutions by providing various Smart Cards enabled applications. Our identification solutions include Employee ID, Student's ID, Visitor's ID, Military ID, Doctor's ID, Patient ID and many more identification and related applications.


With increasing threat to national security, smart card identification to citizens has turned to be an essential tool in interest of fighting against global terrorism. E-Governance Smart Cards empowers citizens with National ID, Voter ID, PAN Card, Driving License, Government and Social benefit on the multi-application Smart Card.